PHi Hair University

Whether you need a vendor to sale hair personally,  for a salon , brick and mortar, team or squad; we got it! Let us serve as your #1 hair provider. We offer the best  wholesale packages along with the best quality of hair. Though we have a standard package, FOR YOU, any package can be altered and customized to fit your specific needs. As a former dancer, I understand how important it is for every dancer to move in sync with one another and this includes the movement of their hair, as well as the uniformity of a team's look. Over the years, we've seen how hair has now become an intrical part of a team's look, uniform and has become a major statement. To complete that look, that is where I, PHi Hair comes in. I develop customized hair packages for various styles with various lengthens and textures; whether it be wigs or bundles, closures or frontals. My job is to help and ensure your team or business is able to cut hair costs without sacrificing quality!
Don't Cheat Your Pretty, be PHi with PHi Hair.