Should I shampoo my extensions before having them installed?

ALWAYS wash your hair extensions first before installation.
Not required, but you may seal your wefts using a good quality weft sealant. Also, cut your wefts only when absolutely necessary. After your install, brush your hair out thoroughly to remove loose hairs. The best (recommend) shampoo and conditioner is Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Bottle and Skinny Serum. 
How long will Phi Hair keep its original quality- after I wear it, wash it, color it, bleach it, or apply heat to it?
Our bundles will last more than 1 years - 2 years, but its longevity also depends on the maintenance of the hair as well. If you treat it like it's your own hair with regular conditioning, you can make the hair last even longer.
How do you guarantee the hair is virgin?
Virgin hair is purely unprocessed raw hairs that have been bundled and packaged without using any chemicals. If chemicals are used IT IS NOT virgin... it's processed remy. No, processed remy hair doesn't get tangled, however processed hair will only last after a few washings due to the chemicals being removed from the hair strands, which automatically becomes tangled after several washings.
Is PHI hair from one donor or multiple donors?
Phi Hair bundles come single donors only, rarely, to ensure raw hair bundles less than weight of 110 grams; our manufacturers will mix multiple donors to match the same color and textures to ensure that the bundles are full 110 grams.
What kind of quality do you guarantee?
The quality of Phi Hair is so very important to us and to ensure that you (the customer) receives the highest quality of hair; Phi Hair, LLC can guarantee and promise our vendors use donors from South Indian temples with single donors mostly from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu temples in natural colors. This is why the quality of our bundles are natural looking, soft and have the ability to take bleach, all colors whether light or dark. Most importantly our hair can be manipulated into any style of your choosing. Our hair can be blown out, hot combed or pressed, curled and straighten with no tangles, nots or licks, shedding or tangling. Phi Hair is 100% raw virgin hair that is not chemically processed, nor has it been washed in any type of silicone bath.
 How can I maintain my PHI Hair purchase?
Care instructions for ALL hair types
Condition or Co-Wash extensions once every 2 weeks (depending on oils from scalp). DO NOT ADD any oils or product to your extensions. Keep in mind too much heat or shampooing frequently can dry out the extensions and can cause damage to the hair.
We recommend that you only shampoo your extensions if they are extremely dirty. For the best results, use Dawn Dish Washing Liquid because it lifts ALL the dirt out. Elabore Conditioner is also recommended to condition the hair because it softens and restores the luster of the hair.
Be careful not to manipulate the hair too much to avoid tangles. The best way to wash (shampoo) is by adding water into the sink with the shampoo, dunk it and then pull the hair out. Repeat this process with the conditioner. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, detangle with a wide tooth comb, allow to Air dry.
How many different types of hair do you sell?
We sell only one quality...raw hairs. That means raw temple hairs from South Indian temples. Majorly from Andhra pradesh and tamilnadu temples...in natural colors, and also making closures & frontals.